Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Installing a garage door spring is not an easy task and should be done with caution. A+ Northern Utah Door’s skilled technicians have the necessary experience to replace either torsion or extension springs, depending on your model of garage door. The National Safety Council warns that these systems are under high tension and can only be safely adjusted by qualified individuals – making professional installation highly recommended for optimal safety!

Our experienced garage door technicians work with two types of extension spring systems. First, there are extension springs for sectional garage doors that open straight up and curl overhead in four or five sections. These springs are mounted from the ceiling support above the horizontal track and extend toward the opening as the door closes.

This extension system uses pulleys to route a cable from each side of the door to the spring and back to the track. As your door closes, the springs stretch toward the door opening. The second type of extension spring is found on one-piece garage doors. A one-piece door swings outward as rolls up and overhead. On either side of the garage door opening, about waist high, extension springs are mounted to a lever and bracket system that extends the springs toward the ceiling as the door closes.

This type of system is dangerous, which is why it is no longer manufactured. If you have a one-piece garage door with a broken extension spring, we recommend door replacement for safety and durability.

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