Broken or damaged garage doors

We Repair Damaged, Cracked, Torn and Sagging Panel Sections

It is very important to repair torn panels before the damage becomes worse. When panel sections are severely damaged they will sag downward as the door goes overhead. Each time that the thin gauge steel flexes, it becomes weaker and weaker, eventually tearing and folding inward.
The danger is when the panels completely fail causing the door to come off track, and possibly falling on an enclosed vehicle.
Your cracked or dented panels can be salvaged in most cases, saving you a great deal of money. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long, as panel damage can get worse in a hurry.

Install and Replace New Garage Door Panel Sections


For older garage doors, with multiple dents or tears, replacing panels may be the best option. Installing four new sections will certainly dress up the exterior appearance of your home, and make it more marketable in case you plan to sell your house.
A+ Northern Utah Doors will give complimentary assessment to help you decide if replacement is your best option. We do recommend replacing all panels at the same time as there’s not much savings in replacing just one or two panels.
There are many door manufacturers to choose from and we offer a two year warranty on the panels. You’ll have the assurance that your door will look great and operate correctly for years to come!

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